acuario plantado con metodo ….Diana Walstad

Publicado: agosto 18, 2010 en Uncategorized

caracteristicas …

tank Size: 66x24x24 inches

Build Type: Split Aquarium

Filtration: Internal Filters Boyu /Atman

Lighting: 4×36 W Philips True Light – 4 feet Slim Tubes, 8 hours per day

Heating: 300 W

CO2 System: No CO2 System

Substrate: Bottom layer of 2 inches Red potting soil and Top layer of 1 inch River gravel

Decoration: Drift wood and Natural river rocks.

Water: Temp 25°-26°C

Maintenance: 40% weekly water changes, weekly pruning. 10-15 drops of PMDD (AquaGrow) 3 times weekly and Root tablets occasionally.

Fauna: 24 Neon Tetras; 10 Pencil Fish; 8 Black Neons; 3 Ramierzi; 12 Glow light Tetras; 16 Guppies; 6 Cherry Barbs; 2 Siamese Algae Eaters; 5 Golden Algae Eaters; 3 Red Tail Sharks; 3 Black goldfish; 2 Oranda goldfish; 6 Goldfish; 2 Blue Gourami.

Flora: Hygrophilla Corymbosa; Echinodorus Indian Red Sword; Hygrophila Difformis; Echinodorus Tenellus; Vallisneria Spiralis; Myriophyllum Pinnatum; Nymphaea.Sp Rubra; Echinodorus martii (dwarf ruffled amazon sword); Echinodorus Amazonicus; Potamogeton gayii; Hemianthus Cuba.

Feeding: Frozen blood worms & frozen brine shrimp along with Hi-Red baby pellets; Weekly once feed Live Red blood worms.

Comments: Started this hobby with a humble beginning of 2 mollies in a glass jar which was presented to me by my Dad. Later as years passed on I graduated from 2 ft, 3 ft and finally to the present 5.5 ft Aquarium. Although all these years I was just keeping fishes it was very recently in 2009 I got obsessed to have my own setup of Natural fresh water planted Aquarium which was greatly inspired when I came across aquascaping setups by Takashi Amano.
I wanted to have the pleasure of a planted aquarium with tetras as well as with other fishes in a single setup. Hence I divided the aquarium in 60:40 ratio. In the front portion of the tank its plain gravel only for Goldfishes while the back tank is fully dedicated to plants & tetras.
After few trial & errors, it’s all down to enjoying a natural masterpiece right at home. In my opinion, if you want to have a decent planted tank without spending a lot of money, go for Diana Walstad method but be sure you provide adequate lighting required and select low light requiring & easy to maintain hardy plants.

video del acuario…



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